Building Confidence.

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Building confidence and self-belief goes beyond the game of basketball. We all have skills and unique abilities that contribute to the team, and at Just Hoops, we strive to highlight those abilities as well as continue to build them up.

If players are simply focused on the outcome, they are so easily swayed. Every day in our facility we see players frustrated that they missed the last shot. They were focused on the result of the shot, not the process of making it. If instead this player would miss and learn to make adjustments while practicing, overtime the outcome would speak for itself. We want players to fail forward toward achievement and have a plan on how to have good and useful thinking to assist them when they are in the game.

We want to be prepared to encourage players by finding moments where the player is doing it right. As coaches and teachers, we want to develop our players by helping them see what they are doing correctly. When they see they are doing a part of the skill correctly, then they will have the confidence to keep pushing forward in the process of improvement.

“I am looking for activity. I put players in and take them out based on effort and defense, not making or missing shots.”  – Doc Rivers


“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” – John Wooden

We believe that the greatest compliment you can receive is that you give MAX effort. You have 100% control of the effort you exert. We encourage players to take pride is showcasing a SENSE OF URGENCY in all endeavors.

Hard work leads to confidence. Confidence leads to Self-belief. If you believe in yourself you become consistent in different situations on the court.

Win vs Learn

Win or Learn Mentality


Praise Effort not Outcome

Catch them
Doing it Right!


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