Quick Keys About Leadership

Every team has a leader. Every coach looks for players that know how to lead and that
stands out. One thing some people fail to realize is, you do not have to be the best
player to be the best leader for the team. Leadership comes in many different forms.
Not every leader is the same. However, there are qualities that many leaders do have in
common. Some of these qualities are:

● Always on time
● Accountable
● Hard worker
● Adaptable
● Leading by example

When you talk about leadership, it is a learned skill just like anything else. In order to
lead you must first learn to follow. You have to learn what it takes to succeed, how hard
you have to work, and be able to bring others along with you so you all can be
successful. One thing I have always thought good leaders are is unselfish. They want to
see others progress and do well to complete the overall goal.

Leadership is a process. It is not perfected or learned overnight. Sometimes it takes
failure to reach success. A good leader has experience and knowledge. In order to gain
that experience, they have had to go through trials of not winning but learning from their
mistakes. Being mentally tough is a trait that also allows good leaders to be able to
learn from their mistakes. They do not dwell on the bad, but figure out a way to use it to
their advantage. The way a player can respond to a situation that didn’t go their way,
rather it be a loss or injury, shows their character. When you can respond positively,
and own up to doing whatever you can to help better the situation, then that is showing
growth as a leader.

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