“This past year has been huge for getting plugged into the Columbus basketball scene.  And with that, I want to thank Just Hoops for the number of ways that you contribute to success in basketball:
1.  A place dedicated to work on basketball skills
2.  A place where you can network and meet others who have the same goal – to get better
3.  A team of people who provide great coaching – constructive, detailed, knowledgeable
4.  A team of people who provide advice on what to do / where else to go for the next level
5.  Lastly, and it goes hand in hand with a few of the others above – you provide great customer service.  Having your crew walk around checking in on players, oftentimes giving one piece of feedback that can impact their next 30 minutes (and beyond) is key.  But also just having a friendly approachable resource makes a huge difference. “
– Susan W.

“My daughters LOVE Just Hoops. They get great feedback from the on-floor trainers during their court time sessions. The ball handling stations and small group training have helped them improve their skills and improve their game overall. The atmosphere is positive and engaging. I highly recommend it!”
– Sherri K.

“Just Hoops Point Guard Class was an excellent session (as they all are)!  Kellon does a fantastic job with the kids and has a ton of patience which I know can be very challenging at times.  I wouldn’t change a thing; my son Trey loves coming their for the classes/trainings.  All of the instructors are really knowledgeable, energetic, and passionate about the game and teaching.  You can feel the energy and passion as soon as you walk in the facility.  A+++ grade all the way around.”
– Marty K.

“Our girls love going to Just Hoops! They really look forward to their Court Time, and we feel that the girls are getting better because the coaches are always roaming the floor and providing valuable advice! [They] also like the Just Hoops 30 minute workouts and try to get a better score every time [they] go to Just Hoops!”
– Colleen S.

“Just Hoops has been a great alternative for our son on those days he can’t get out on the driveway or in the school gym to workout. It makes it easier for him to be able to get his shots up on a regular schedule without having to worry about where to go. We are very lucky to have a facility like this so close to our home.”
– Cindy M.

“Thanks to the entire team at Just Hoops. Everyone had made my young basketball player feel like the professional athlete he aspires to be. Maybe with more work, Just Hoops can help build their first top draft pick!”
– Jason D.

“We have now been members for three months and I can tell you that my kids have learned proper shooting form and technique and I have seen great improvement in their shooting percentages in that short time… I would recommend to any parent going up there to check it out as you won’t be sorry – it is just fantastic!”
– Anthony M.