Vertimax Training.

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The Vertimax is a resistance band training platform that focuses on the athlete’s movements to improve the player’s vertical jump, first step explosiveness, quickness, and lateral speed.

Players will work with Coach Matt Lehmann once or twice a week. They will be pre and post-tested to monitor progress. Sessions will consist of exercises focused on mechanics, mobility/core, strengthening lower body, and explosiveness. A few examples are box jumps, depth jumps, broad jumps, lateral bounds, and high-intensity core circuits.

In between sessions players will be given at home exercises to work on 2-3 times a week.

All great jumpers have one thing in common, great jump mechanics. For some athletes, it comes naturally and for others, it requires a significant amount of practice and learning. Just like mastering shooting mechanics to improve your shot, jump mechanics are crucial for improving your bounce.

With this Progression in Mind:

Building the base. Create a strong and stable foundation for the athlete. This base consists of working on fundamentals, mechanics, and educating all players. This is essential for their overall development as a player and reduces the risk of long term injury.

Load up – An increase in vertical jumping and explosiveness requires lots of energy storage and then release of tendons and muscles. The vertimax engages the athlete to store and transfer energy in a loaded manner with its resistance bands.

Explode. Activating fast-twitch muscle fibers and producing high-speed force.

Recovery. Stretching, Nutrition, and Rest

This program is for any athlete seeking to gain a step on your competition and improve your performance on the court or on the field. We work with athletes from all sports.

Players are required to be in 6th grade. This is because we need all players to have an understanding of how their body works and make sure they can withstand the weight and resistance of the Vertimax program.

Each Personal Training Session on the Vertimax is 30 minutes.

Member Rate: $100/ 4 Sessions

Non-Member Rate: $120/ 4 Sessions

Not sold in single sessions.

Email Coach Matt Lehmann at or call 740-879-3466 and ask for Matt.

Coach Matthew Lehmann

Matt Lehmann is a Certified Vertimax Trainer, former State Champion, and Ohio State Buckeyes Men’s Basketball Player.

Further Information

Email or call 740-879-3466 and ask for Matt.

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