Dublin Team Practices.

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Host a Practice at Just Hoops!  With this session you will be renting a half court for an hour.  You do have access to one Shoot-A-Way Gun, if you would like to use to get team shooting reps, as well as all other equipment (e.g., pads, cones, defenders, etc).   


You can choose to run the practice yourself, or have a Just Hoops Coach run the session for a small fee. 

Our experienced training staff will customize sessions to fit the needs and ambitions of you and your team. These sessions are specifically designed to help your players develop skills, IQ, team bonding, and a love for the game.  We will start with a conversation with you and will plan accordingly.  We will design our session according to the feedback you share with us.  

Each Session is 1 hour.  

We have 2 options.  

$80/hour – You lead the practice  

$100/hour – The Just Hoops Coaches lead the practice

We ask that the Coach or a Parent pay the entire amount to Just Hoops beforehand.  So if you were to split cost among the team you would handle that among your team members.  

We MUST have every player on your team create an account to Just Hoops for liability purposes.  It will just take 2 minutes to complete. Follow this link and click on the button that says New Clients Create Account.

If we are leading your practice, please take a minute to compete!

To help our Coaches prepare for your session please take a minute to fill out the Team Practice Form below.