Just Hoops Court Time Memberships and Shooting Sessions allow players to utilize the best technology in basketball to improve their shooting and ball handling skills.

Players take a variety of shots from different spots on the court using the Shoot-A-Way Gun and receive real time visual feedback of shots attempted, made, and the athlete’s shooting percentage.

Athletes also compete for the top scores at one of the Handle Fitness ball handling stations. The latest technology tracks the accuracy of the athlete’s dribbling and skill moves against the game providing the player’s score at the end of each drill.

Players can purchase single sessions, the Summer Pass, or sign up for one of our 3- or 6- month Court Time Memberships or the Unlimited Membership based on the number of Court Time Sessions they plan to utilize in a 30-day period.

Court Time Sessions include:

  • 30-minute shooting sessions on the Shoot-A-Way Gun (members are able to reserve a specific basket online in advance of each shooting session)
  • Unlimited use of the Handle Fitness ball handling stations
  • Free-to-member clinics taught by qualified proven trainers

Membership Rates:

Sessions per month 6 months 3 months
6 $55 / month $65 / month
8 $70 / month  $80 / month
12 $85 / month  $95 / month
16 $115 / month  $125 / month
Unlimited $150 / month* 

*month-to-month contract

Non-member Single Shooting Session: $20

Free Trial Session! Click here to register!

Members can reserve a specific court in advance of their shooting session from our website or using the MindBody app. Search the date and choose the time you would like to begin shooting on the specified basket.

IMPORTANT: In order for MindBody to recognize and sync with your Just Hoops account, the user email, first and last name must be the same in both systems.


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