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8500 Warner Rd Suite 100
Plain City, OH 43064

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Just Hoops Dublin - Plain City, Ohio

Your Local Basketball Training Facility

Just Hoops Dublin provides basketball training and instruction to Central Ohio’s basketball community. Just Hoops Dublin encourages players of all ages to develop different aspects of their game through shooting repetition on the Shoot-A-Way Gun, classes, clinics, camps and personal training.

Upcoming Classes & Clinics in Dublin

Offensive Skills Class 

4th-6th Graders

May 3rd-19th 

5:15-6:30 PM

Members: $90/ Non-Members: $125

The Offensive Skills class will incorporate:

  • Skill Technique
  • Offensive Movements
  • Basketball Fundamentals

These 6-sessions will work on developing essential skills to improve your game and build a strong basketball foundation. The objective is for players to improve their skill techniques with high volume reps of:

  1. Pivoting
  2. Passing
  3. Dribbling
  4. Finishing
Junior Hoops
Tuesdays May 24- June 7th
5:30-6:30 PM
3 Sessions
Members: $45 / Non-Members: $60

This class is created for beginner players who want to have fun and learn essential skills. In this 3-session class, young players will focus on fundamentals such as passing, dribbling, shooting, lay-ups, etc. No long lines, just fun drills, and competitions to keep these young players learning and engaged.

Shooting Class (5th-8th Grade)
Tuesday, May 24th- June 7th
6:45-8:00 PM
3 Sessions
Members: $45 / Non-Members: $60

Build your shooting foundation by combining mechanics, repetition, and confidence. This 3-session class will introduce players to teaching points and drills they can use daily to progress as a shot-maker. Coaches will instruct shot discipline that includes hand placement, balance, shooting line, setpoint, release and doing your work before the catch to have a quicker release. Players will work on form shooting and advance into game shots off the catch, off the dribble, and on the move.

Offensive Scoring
Wednesdays, May 25th- June 8th
3rd-5th Grade: 5:15-6:300 PM
6th-8th Grade: 6:45-8:00 PM
3 Sessions
Members: $45 / Non-Members: $60
Offensive Scoring Class is for players seeking to become a more effective scorer by learning triple threat moves, live-ball moves, finishing technique, creating space for your shot, moving without the ball, and decision making.  Players will have drills, competitions, and live play to develop and apply these skills.

Live Play: 1V1 & 3V3

Mondays & Wednesdays June 13th-June 29th

4th-6th Grade: 6:00PM-7:00PM

7th-9th Grade: 7:00PM-8:00PM

Members: $90/ Non-Members: $125

Want to play faster? More efficient? Improve your basketball IQ by learning offensive concepts that allow you to make precise decisions. This 6-session class will feature all “live play” components to simulate game conditions.
Players will learn how to attack primary defenders via 1-on-1, and will then learn to better understand floor balance, attacking defensive closeouts & reading help-side defenders via 3-on-3. 
Become a Scoring Threat
Tuesdays & Thursdays June 14th-June 30th
4th-6th Grade: 6:00PM-7:00PM
7th-9th Grade: 7:00PM-8:00 PM
6 Sessions
Members: $90 / Non-Members: $125

This 6-Session Class will challenge players to improve their offensive skill set through a variety of drills, competitions, and live play. The clinic will teach offensive fundamentals such as shooting, passing, and ball-handling, as well as, moving without the ball, proper spacing, and screening principles.

Attacking & Finishing Class

Tuesdays & Thursdays, July 12th-July 28th 

4th-6th Grade: 6:00PM-7:00PM

7th-9th Grade: 7:00PM-8:00PM

Members: $90/ Non-Members: $125

This 6 Session Class will teach players how to be more aggressive by getting past their primary defender, protecting the basketball and finishing at the rim. Players will learn solutions on how to finish off straight-line drives, vs secondary defenders, & when the defense cuts them off in the paint.


Camps take place from June 13-August 11

Different Camps – Age and Topic

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM 

Members: $75/ Non-Members: $85

Just Hoops Summer Camps are great for players looking to develop skills, have fun, and learn from experienced coaches this summer. These camps are 6 hours of topic-based content over 2 days. Players are expected to be great listeners, work their hardest, and enjoy their time on the court as they continue their journey in development.

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