For Coaches

Please view the following opportunities for teams at Just Hoops.



Court Rental

Receive 50% off rental prices if 4 or more of your players are active Just Hoops members!



Team Workout

Just Hoops Team Workouts emphasize player skill development in a team setting. The workouts are designed and executed by experienced Just Hoops coaches and tailored specifically to your team’s style of play.

Workouts will focus on drills and teaching concepts that simulate real game situations. Players will be challenged to enhance both their skill level and mental ability to visualize and process in-game situations.

Training will concentrate on:

  • shooting form
  • finishing around the rim
  •  catch & shoot
  • footwork
  • shooting on the move
  • perimeter passing
  • shooting off the dribble
  • dribble moves
  • reading & using screens
  • change of speeds


One hour gets your team over 4,000 shots. 

“I have been very pleased with the team workouts that Just Hoops has provided for our high school athletes. It has given our players a chance to improve their shooting skills/technique in a structured, well organized environment. The amount of reps each of our kids get up during each session is phenomenal.”

– Coach Andy Gast, Buckeye Valley High School


Shoot-A-Thon Fundraiser

Raise money for your basketball program, generate excitement within the community about your team, and foster your youth programs with a Shoot-A-Thon at Just Hoops by Shoot-A-Way.  Pay no upfront fees while generating funds for your program

To learn more and schedule a future Shoot-A-Thon contact

We helped raise $15,000 in 2018 for 4 Programs.


Team Package Shooting Sessions

Want to ensure your players are getting their reps?  Just Hoops is offering Team Packages for your players to utilize when you are unable to open the gym.  Our Team Packages provide your players with discounted shooting sessions to schedule a shooting time at their convenience.  Get the reps they need while getting assistance from well trained shooting coaches.

A 60 Session Team Package would provide 4 Sessions each month for each player (15 player team). Each session is 30 minutes, which can be anywhere from 300-500 shots per player. Email to inquire.


“My dream as a coach is that everyone would grow up on the Gun, because getting all those reps would make my job a lot easier.”

-Tom Izzo, Michigan State


Training at Your Facility

Need another voice you can TRUST this off-season? Just Hoops is now mobile!  Our coaches will come to your gym to provide variation to your off-season routine while reinforcing high standards of effort and attention to detail every time we are on the court.

Just Hoops coaches will work hand in hand with your program to build a customized training regimen based on your team’s goals.  Skill development that translates to in-game performance is our focus every day of the year, and we would be privileged to bring our experience to your gym. Email to inquire.


“Our group training sessions with Just Hoops and Coach Nathan was a GAME CHANGER for our AAU program this season!  Coach took my playbook and broke each play down into smaller teachable drills for our players.  We now view Just Hoops as an extended part of our player development program— an efficient way to acclimate players to our system.”

-Coach Curtis Jones, Ohio Select