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Two Foot Floater

Nate Axelrod – Finishing

Same Hand Same Foot Finish

Drew Slone – Finishing


Kellon Thomas – Finishing

Between the Legs

Anissa Estrada – Ball Handling

Jump Stop

Trent Scarbrough – Finishing

1 on 1: First to the Ball

Nathan Edick – Shooting Drill

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Breakdowns & Drills crafted to help you on your journey.  Players who want to learn more and improve their details can watch and then practice the drills that are provided.  Coaches, check out the Practice Drills to help maximize your next practice, the 1v1 videos to allow athletes to learn while competing, or the specific topics to help your teachings points.  

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A basketball resource designed to help coaches and players develop.  Featuring a collection of over 150 skills, drills, concepts, and video breakdowns.

FAQs about JH+

Just Hoops Coaches Library is a video database created by the Just Hoops Coaches to help players and coaches develop. 


Youth Coaches can use this resource as a practical guide for adding practicing drills, creating an engaging and developmental practice with small sided games, and have precise teaching points when helping your athletes with various skills.


Players can benefit by using this library to learn and implement drills and concepts.  Build your Basketball IQ!

I do not know.  

All memberships start on the day you sign up.  For example, if you start your membership on June 3rd, your monthly membership will be set to auto-renew on the 3rd of every month.  

Should we have this be an email us and we will cancel it? Or should it be they can cancel it online?  I am actually not sure if we can make 1 contract an online cancel and another not.  

Yes!  A member at Just Hoops has the priveledge of scheduling sessions at either the Lewis Center or the Dublin location.  


Learn and improve your Ball Handling, Shooting, Finishing and Passing skills.


Learn some Practice Drills, Shooting Drills, and Small Sided Games out of 1-on-1, 2-on-2, and 3-on-3 


Spend time in the film room for Player, Offensive, and Defensive Breakdowns


Helpful videos for Spacing, Cutting, Ball Screens, and Off the Ball Screens.