Duke Basketball: Skill Development

Takeaways for all players, coaches & trainers:

What to work on? What is going to get you on the floor.

What is the difference between a good player and a great player? The fundamentals and the way they do things.

The biggest adjustment for players going into college? The basics.

  • Coach Chris Carrawell: “The league we play in, they are not going to let you dribble 25 times and shoot a step-back 3. What we try to get these guys to understand is simple in college basketball is really effective. In the NBA, the teams that win do the simple stuff well.”
  • Coach Jon Scheyer: Emphasize shooting spot shots. “We really like to drive the ball and get drive and kicks. So being able to knock down your open 3’s is a big thing. Moving forward, we start building in specific movements. Coming off screens, working on change of direction moves and getting into the paint and focusing on footwork.”

Shooting 100-200 game-like shots will go further then spending a lot of unnecessary time in the gym working on parts of your game that does not translate to live play.

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