What I Want, How it Feels , How it Actually Works

Developing in anything, not just basketball, is a process.

– WANT: Everyone wants to improve a lot in a short amount of time.  We imagine that it is a perfect uphill arrow- each time we come in to the gym, we get that much better.
– FEELS LIKE: As we are going through it, it feels like a roller coaster – up, down, side to side, good, bad …  We can be riding the high of highs or the low of lows.
– HOW IT REALLY WORKS: Real development happens one step at a time, a little bit each day, and over time true development will occur in a BIG way.

Keeping these visuals in mind is a good reminder that you are in the middle of a process, keep persevering and you will see growth! There are no shortcuts.

At Just Hoops, we love this process.  There is so much to learn about life when going through this journey, and our coaches are here to help!

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