Inside the Huddle – What Really Matters

What can we learn from Coach McDermott (Creighton) & Coach Steele (Xavier)

  1. Defensive Communication Early is paramount
    -“Early, Loud & Often”
  2. SET YOUR FEET – Play off 2 in the paint
    -“Make decisions at our pace.”
    -“Do what the game tells us to do.”
  3. KYP – Know your Personnel
    -Who are you guarding? What do they do well?
  4. Rebound with 2!
  5. When the ball moves = WE SCORE
    -“When we dribble it, we are in trouble.”
  6. Disciplined Defense without fouling
    -KILLS = 3 Defensive Stops in a row
  7. “Don’t let switching paralyze you.”
    -“Set some / Slip some.” Keep the defense honest
  8. POSSESSION TOUGHNESS – Every Single Possession Matters
    -Poor shots lead to transition
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