Just Hoops Drill Series: Rhoades 1 on 1

Work on three different 1 on 1 situations (great drill for offensive & defensive teaching points)

1). Transition 1 on 1 – player starts at half-court outside the lane line. Defense picks up with heels on the 3 pt line. Player has 5 seconds to score (defense sprinting back in transition). Defense is trying to keep player out of the paint & settle for mid-range jumper.

2). Flat ball-screen at the top of the key – defense crawls up in their shorts to apply pressure. Offense must set up the screen & get defensive player’s momentum going in the opposite direction. Get downhill for a paint touch (simulating late clock or shot clock situation)

3). Wing to wing skip vs closeout – defense must start on the mid-line creating a mini triangle & seeing both ball & man. Players will have tendency to lock onto the ball and lose sight of their man. Defense closes out on the “flight of the pass.” They can’t wait for the ball to get over their head to react. We preached “no middle” as a non-negotiable as if we were a “no middle, influence baseline team.” Offense “catch to shoot” & be ready to attack the defenders top foot on the closeout.

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