Teaching Points from the 2019 Men’s Final Four

Tom Izzo

Rebounding – Send 4 to the boards

  • Guys are constantly going (gives your players mental edge, keeps them aggressive)
  • If you send 4 and they don’t get board you lose (players must fight for every board)
  • Forces other teams to adjust
  • Most basketball players don’t enjoy contact—tougher team usually wins
  • Go after ball instead of letting it come to you

DRILL: 2 v 2 Rebounding—Block out drill

  • Working on hit, find, and get
  • Make sure players go after ball with 2 hands
  • Grab ball above your head=good rebound
  • Coaching offensive and defensive rebounding at the same time. Offensive rebounder tries to get even footing with the defender. Don’t just lean on defensive guy

Tony Bennett

“Pack Line” Defense

  • Dotted line on the floor 16-17 feet from the basket.
  • Nobody goes outside the line with the exception of the on-ball defender.
  • Defenders inside the pack must stay in a stance and see both. Have vision!
  • No help move, just a recovery move.

Ball Pressure

  • Closeouts – run 2 steps, chop rest of the way. Come out with high hands.
  • DO NOT let the ball-handler go baseline.
  • DO NOT allow the ball-handler to shoot a rhythm shot.
  • Try to force the ball-handler to an angle. Turn him and level him off.
  • No straight line drives – the more you turn the ball-handler, the better.
  • Shooters – Have to bother hand. Get hands up on the ball, not on the face.
  • Against the ball you must =
    Closeout/Take away baseline/Take away rhythm shots/Level off/Bother/Jump to the ball

Bruce Pearl

“Raise the level of expectations they have for themselves. As sons, as brothers, as son’s of God. No one should have higher expectations for you than yourself. Focus on the positives, everyone is good at something, find that in all your players.”

Under out of bounds defense “15”

Coach Pearl uses a number system to call all of his defense. First digit indicates where the defense picks up (50’s were full court, 40’s were 3/4, 30’s half court, 20’s in the scoring area, and 10’s were under out).

The second number indicates the type of defense (0 = no switching, 1= 1-3-1, 2 = 2-3, 3 = 3-2, 5= switching everything).
55 would then be full court man, switch everything etc.
15 builds from the inside out. The ball can’t ever go inside. If they get anything it has to be a lob or a pass way outside. If you have good ball pressure you can steal these passes.
1)Don’t let the man on the ball side block duck in.
2)Don’t allow any clean screens.
3)All defenders must stay inside their man.
4)On ball defender must have hands up. Any low pass is a steal for someone else.
5)Come together on all screens. If you are switching onto a screener win the foot fight and get below him so he can’t slip.

Chris Beard

“In basketball, there is no right decision. After you make a decision, you make it the right decision.”

300 Club – Making 300 made 3’s every day in practice from the start of the season to the end
Kill Drill – 3 Consecutive Stops (7 kills in a game is an automatic win) – 21 stops in a game

We believe in daily film. Daily film is crucial-Day to Day work in the film room-minimum of 10 minutes a day.
No cell phones at team functions (team meals and bus rides)

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