Teaching points from the Final Four coaches





           With this incredible March Madness tournament coming to an end, we are left with 4 blue bloods. As players, coaches, and parents, we can learn so much from every coach in the tournament. The last four coaches remaining are Jay Wright (Villanova), Bill Self (Kansas), Hubert Davis (UNC), and of course Coach K (Duke). During their post game interviews they talked about some of  their philosophies and keys to success. Here are some teaching points and quotes that really stood out during their interviews. 


Hubert Davis:

  • “Coaching is an act of service”. 
  • “Use basketball as teachable life moments”.
  • “ I don’t want my players to be robots, I want them to be basketball players”.
  • Call plays to put your players in a form of organization, that they can play out of. 


Jay Wright:

  • Work on how and when to use shot fakes.
  • Having a feel for shot fakes is a skill.
  • “Be humble players and intelligent players”.
  • “Control what you can control”.
  • “Accept what your journey is and learn from it” 

Bill Self:

  • “Your worth as a basketball player is not proved by if the ball goes in the hole or not.” 
  • “We want to adopt the mindset of making our opponent play bad, as opposed to knocking down every shot”. 

Coach K:

  • “Recruit Character”. 
  • “Whenever a team can own something themselves, they are going to do it better than if they just rent it. The ownership of doing something is key”. 
  • When the defense is putting pressure on the ball handler, communication off the ball is an important factor that will lead to open shots. 


The Final Four will start Saturday April, 2nd. 


² Villanova vs. ¹ Kansas, 6:09PM


⁸ North Carolina vs. ² Duke, 8:49PM

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