What Coaches Will Be Looking For!

Trent Scarbrough grew up in Central Florida where he played his high school basketball at First Academy of Leesburg. Trent was known in the area as a long-range shooter making 72 three-pointers during his junior campaign. Trent ended up as one of the top shooters in the state in his division during his senior season, finishing third. Trent made 203 three pointers for his career while shooting at a 45% ratio. He went on to play his college ball at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

Coach Trent offers quality advice for players at all levels as they enter try-outs. Execute these steps to make a strong impression & maximize every opportunity to move yourself forward. Coach Trent learned many valuable lessons as he navigated his playing career. The following expectations are what he shared with his current clients at Just Hoops:


  • When the coach is talking, keep eye contact with them the whole time (if kids are talking and messing around when the coach is talking, do not be a part of that group).
  • If he/she asked for a volunteer to demonstrate a drill, be the 1st to raise your hand.
  • Ask follow up questions if you are not 100% sure what they are asking you to do
  • Sprint to every huddle (you should want to be the first one there)
  • Ask the coach if they need help cleaning up after the tryout

Willingness to make winning plays:

  • Dive for loose balls
  • Talk on offense and defense, communicate with your teammates.
  • Do the little things (Set good screens, stay low on defense, hustle to every spot)

Be a good teammate:

  • Give high fives, fist bumps, etc. to your teammates
  • Help your teammates off the floor if they get knocked down
  • Remember you are trying out for a team so coaches will be looking for who can work together and be a good teammate.
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