Daily Vitamins – the daily nourishment that your game needs

Skill development requires a devotion to habits that create precision. Skill is developed through repetition and a blend of learning and reflection. The seed of every habit is a tiny, single decision.

We should be engaging in reflection after a game. By reexamining what occurred during the game once we are outside of it, our workouts acquire an element of intentionality and purposefulness.

It is paramount that players work on specific game movements and positional concepts to enhance their development. Increase the return on your investment by working on shots that most often show up in the games. Watch a game at your age level and evaluate shot selection + quality.

How many shots were stationary off the catch? Off lateral slides rotating on the perimeter? Straight line cuts? Uphill or downhill movements? How many dribbles took place before the shot? How many were assisted vs self-created?

Why invest your off-season workouts to situations + shots that present themselves infrequently?

At Just Hoops, we believe firmly in devoting your time on skills that translate to live play situations. Player have access to our 250 Shot Daily Vitamin tracking sheet so they can make progress in game shots from game spots with individualized precision in mind. The 250 shots are broken down into form shooting, catch + shoot, lateral slides, 1-dribble pull-ups, and free throws. With creating shots off the dribble, we believe the most effective ways to set up your drive is utilizing your shot fake and jabs while attacking a closeout.

Develop a shooting routine that is intentional and work on it consistently. Enter the gym with a plan, be purposeful, and stay committed to the task through the ups and downs. Hold yourself accountable to a new habit, and chase improvement rather than a number.

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