Injuries and Becoming Mentally Strong by Overseas Pro, Kellon Thomas

One of the toughest parts about sports are injuries. In a perfect world, no one would ever get injured but let’s be real, it’s a big part in sports today. In time of injuries, there are two options one can choose from:

  1. Feel sorry for themself and do nothing
  2. Embrace it and do everything they can to better the situation.

My advice would be to embrace it and control only the things you can control. When having a positive attitude during your time of an injury, can refocus your mind and make your time sitting out go a lot faster.

Just how you give 100% effort on the court, you must give the same energy in your rehab and recovery. Effective rehab leads to better and faster healing time to get back on the court. Eating right and making healthy decisions are also important during this time.

Even though it is tough, attitude plays a big part in the rehab process. Every day it’s a grind to rehab and sit out from practice and games. Even when you don’t feel like it, the best thing you can do during this time of sitting out is to challenge your mind. All Summer and preseason you get to train your body and work on your game physically. Use this time sitting out to watch game film, study plays, scout other teams and help yourself and teammates understand the game better from a different perspective.

In my playing career I’ve suffered two major injuries. A bone chip in my knee after my freshman year in college. This sidelined me for 7 months and missing a pivotal summer to progress and prove myself to my coaches. Another injury I had was an orbital bone fracture in my left eye during my junior season of my college career. This forced me to redshirt and miss the rest of the season. Both times during my injury I was upset and frustrated but I was given the same advice I just stated earlier. Remain patient, control what I can control and work on my mental state during this time.

Returning from both injuries, my stats, leadership, work ethic and role all increased because of how invested I was to my rehab, commitment to the team and to coming back stronger. So if going through an injury and having to miss time on the court, remember to use this time to work on areas of your game that you can control. Rehab to the best of your ability and become mentally strong through a tough time so when you do return, you’re better than ever.

Kellon Thomas

Just Hoops Coach and Professional Basketball Player

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