Member Spotlight – JD Seago

JD Seago is a 5th grader at St. Brigid and has been a member at Just Hoops for nearly 2 years.  Although JD had been a part of Just Hoops, it was not until Summer 2020 that he consistently dedicated himself to improving his game. 

You will find JD shooting an hour a day at Just Hoops, as well as taking part in classes and clinics, as he understands he needs to improve all areas of his game to be an effective player.  His improvement mirrors clearly his dedication to getting 1% better each day.  We are proud of the consistent, hard work JD has put forth and are looking forward to more of it as he develops over the years to come.

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Skills + Game Situations Clinic

No School = Day Off Clinic

4th-8th Graders
September 20
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Members: $30   Non-Members: $40 

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