Part 3 of 4: What Questions Will College Coaches Ask About The Prospect?

This series will give you an inside look into the college recruiting process from the coaching staffs prospective. Understanding what college coaches are asking themselves, looking for & discussing in recruiting meetings will help your communication lines as the recruiting process unfolds. Part 3 will break down the types of questions college coaches will ask about the prospect to family, friends, coaches & teachers.

College coaches are going to ask questions to those inside your social circle to learn more about your character throughout the recruiting process. They will ask your family, high school coach, teachers, counselors and teammates about your family background, personality and behavior. 100% of your day you’re being evaluated by someone.

  • Does the energy go up, go down or stay the same when they enter the room?
  • Do you enjoy working with & being around this person?
  • Who does he/she surround themselves with?
  • How much struggle has he/she overcome?
    • Has adversity caused the player to operate at the edges of his/her ability?
  • What does he/she do when he/she is by themselves?

-Coaches will ask about things the athlete has control over:

  • Are they on time to class, practice, events, etc.?
  • Do they put in extra work outside of what they are asked to do?
    • Practice, lifting, school work
  • Are they attentive & engaged in class?
  • Are they moody? Have emotional highs & lows throughout the day?
  • Do they respect other opinions, thoughts & feelings?

-Coaches will ask your parents/legal guardians questions about your upbringing or childhood:

  • They will seek out examples of competitiveness.
  • Questions about losses of specific games.
  • Questions about family structure & events?
    • Holidays, siblings & attachment to local community to gauge how important proximity to home will be.
  • How many years has he/she put into basketball?
    • Were they playing with older players at a young age?
  • They will inquire about the home environment:
    • What are the demands of that environment?
    • What daily demands do they have to rise to?

When coaches come to your practice, they are searching to learn more than just your makeup as a player. They come to see how you treat people and how you act in your everyday environment. How do you treat the staff, your teammates and managers? Do you treat everyone the same? Are you genuine? Are you early? Don’t give anyone an opportunity to say something negative about you.

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